How To Join CFU

1. Download, fill out, and submit a CFU Membership Packet. You can access the membership packet HERE.

2. Attend the CFU pre-season classroom training seesions and membership meetings.

3. Comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act: It is the sole responsibility of all FHSAA Baseball officials to comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act. The act requires background screening for all contractual personnel who are permitted access on school grounds when students are present or have direct contact with students. This includes sports officials. You must also posess the statewide contractor badge issued by a county school disctrict. CFU is unable to assign any official who fails to comply with these requirements.

4. Register with the FHSAA: You must register with the Florida High School Athletic Association through an online application. During this process, you will select which sport(s) you want to officiate, and which official's associations you are a member of.

5. Take and pass the mandatory Online Rules Examination: You must take a mandatory rules exam for your sports. The exam will be 50 questions untimed.

6. Attend a CFU field clinic.

Additional information on becoming an FHSAA contest official is available on the FHSAA Officials Website.

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